Being unfocused in November and December is sort of like having too many martinis at a holiday party — it’s waaaaay too easy to do.

This year, let’s do the whole holiday slowdown thing a little bit differently. Instead of saying “no” to new clients, “no” to launching that new product, and “no” to working on that big idea — how about we say YES instead?

Welcome to #YESvember

YESvember is a free 21-day challenge designed to help you stay focused and get shit done during the month of November. You’ll commit to one project, product, or idea (which means blocking out all of the other shiny objects that are clamoring for your attention). With a little bit of focus and some elbow grease, you’ll have this project off the ground by the end of the month.

All of this productivity will make you feel soooo much better about doing whatever you damn well please in December. Cause you KNOW that’s gonna happen! Plus, you’ll get to share your progress and connect with others who are committed to #YESvember too.

So, are you in?

If so, get signed up by filling out the signup form on this page. Your bank account will thank you. Your customers will thank you. Hell, your mom might even thank you.

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By joining YESvember, you are connecting with both amp&pivot and Sandy Sidhu Media, two powerhouse resources for entrepreneurs and you will receive occasional updates from both companies.

[TWEET IT!] I just signed up for #YESvember. Have you? Jump in on this free 21 day challenge with me: www.thrivehivelive.com/yes